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Fishing Days

Team-Selected Fishing Days

Two 12-hour periods from April 19th through May 18th. Team must declare whether they will fish DAYTIME -or- NIGHTTIME, by notifying the Committee before Midnight of the preceding day.

    Lines IN at 7:00 AM
    Lines OUT at 7:00 PM
    Scales are open from
    7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
    Lines IN at 7:00 PM
    Lines OUT at 7:00 AM
    Scales are open from
    7:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Final Day of Fishing is DAYTIME,
Saturday, May 18th

  • Lines in at 7:00 AM
    Lines out at 4:30 PM
  • Scales are open from
    5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Color Cards

A folded card with four (4) different colors will be issued to each team.  When you call to declare your fishing day, you will be assigned a color for your team for that day.  The card color must appear in all “proof” videos for that day.  Your card color will change for each day you fish.

Weigh-In Locations

All boats weighing-in must be checked into weigh station before end of designated weigh in time.

  • Sailfish Marina, Lake Worth Inlet, Palm Beach
  • Lighthouse Point Marina, Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach
  • Miami Beach Marina, Government Cut, Miami
  • Bud N’ Mary’s Marina, Islamorada


1. All captains and team members must complete and sign the tournament registration form.

2. Official tournament channel is VHF 72

3. All participants must fish with conventional rod and reel gear. Manual reels, electric reels, and LP “Wishbone” rods ARE allowed for both daytime and nighttime fishing.  Hydraulic reels, bandit reels, and buoy gear are prohibited.

4. It is the responsibility of all participants to abide by State and Federal fishing and permit regulations.

5. Boats may leave from their home port. Tournament fishing is to take place within U.S. State or Federal waters only.

6. All fish must be transported to the weigh station on the boat on which the fish were caught.  No transferring of fish from one boat to another.

7. Tagging: Boats will receive 100 points per swordfish tagged and released.  Video proof required. (see rule #14)

8. In the event of a tie, the 1st boated swordfish will be the tie breaker. Boated time will be referenced by the time/date stamped video of the fish being boated. (see rule #11)

9. In the event that fewer than 5 tournament-legal swordfish are caught, the total prize money purse will be divided among the winner(s) in decreasing percentages.

10. Social Security numbers are required from any participants receiving prize monies. If not provided, prize monies will be withheld.  Prize money recipients will receive 1099 statements for 2019. It is the responsibility of all prize recipients to declare their individual winnings to the I.R.S. for tax purposes.

Video Requirements

11. Check-out proceedure: All boats must start their day of fishing with a time/date stamped video showing all lines out of the water prior to lines-in at 7am (daytime) or 7pm (nighttime). Video must also include the team name, and that day’s assigned color card.  Accepted timepieces are GPS, VHF or Cellular devices. All memory cards, USB drives, or emailed footage must be provided to Full Moon Adventures (FMA) by designated time TBD.

12. Video with time/date stamp with fish coming to gaff or being darted and coming aboard.

13. Teams must video their fish being weighed, including the stabilized scale weight.

14. Boats must video, with time/date stamp, all tagged fish. Team name and that day’s assigned color card must be included in the video.

Team, Boat, and Weather

15. Boats must declare whether they are fishing DAYTIME -or- NIGHTTIME before 12 a.m. on the day prior to declared fishing day.

16. Changing Boats: The points reside with the registered boat and the owner of that boat. If a registered boat elects not to participate in all three fishing days and other members of the team wish to continue forward on a new boat with those points, they may do so provided at least 3 of the original team members (unless original team is only two members – then both members must transfer to new boat) are on board the new boat and approval in writing has been provided by the owner of the original boat. However, points may not be transferred to another boat already competing in the series.

17. May 18th Fishing day weather: Tournament officials may cancel the tournament day if, in their best judgment, unsafe conditions exist at sea for the average boat entered. No refunds of any sort will be made for any cause in the event of such cancellation. If the day (or any portion thereof) is “weathered out”, the tournament results will be final based on the results of the official fishing time that can be completed – which will include the team selected fishing days. Notice of cancellation and/or resumption of fishing will be provided via Committee Phone. A determination permitting fishing by tournament officials should not be interpreted to mean that the tournament ensures the safety of any registered angler or occupant of any boat. Anglers must make their own judgments whether to fish under the prevailing weather conditions based on the size and seaworthiness of their boat, their seamanship skills and any other relevant factors.

18. Team declared fishing day’s weather or mechanical issues: Teams must ‘un-declare’ that day’s intent to fish prior to lines-in on their declared fishing day. A determination permitting fishing by tournament officials should not be interpreted to mean that the tournament ensures the safety of any registered angler or occupant of any boat. Anglers must make their own judgments whether to fish under the prevailing weather conditions based on the size and seaworthiness of their boat, their seamanship skills and any other relevant factors.

Protest, Polygraph, and Legal

19. Protest: All protest must be made within 24 hours prior to tournament conclusion. Protest will cost $500 and will go back to the tournament unless a protest results in a change in which the $500 will be refunded. Protests will be handled by the rules committee. The decisions of the rules committee are final.

20. Polygraph: By entering any tournament in the series, all captains, anglers and occupants of their boats voluntarily consent to submit to a polygraph examination as deemed necessary by tournament officials. All decisions of the polygraph examiner will be final. Any captain, angler or occupant of a registered boat who refuses to take a polygraph or provides untruthful answers as determined by the examiner will be disqualified from the tournament without further notice. Such a disqualification will eliminate payment or provision of any prize money, awards and/or refund of entrance fees.

21. Hold Harmless: All registered anglers and non-registered occupants of their boats enter and participate in this tournament voluntarily and at their own risk. In consideration for the tournament’s acceptance of his or her entry, each angler, for his or her heirs, executors, and administrators, agrees to release, hold harmless and indemnify the Tournament (Drew Kettelhut), its officers, managers, directors, agents, sponsors, donors, the city and county where the event is held, and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of the tournament, from and against any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs, fees or expenses which he or she may have against any above-described party, or which his or her captains, crew members, family members, companions or nonregistered occupants of their boat may have, arising out of or in any way connected with his or her participation in this tournament, including any injury or death suffered by any registered angler, boat captains, crew members, family members, companions or other occupants of any boat, and including any damage to vessels and equipment, which occurs during or in conjunction with the event. Each Angler understands and agrees that this release specifically includes and waives any claims based on libel, slander, negligence, action or inaction of any above-named party.

22. Signature: By registering for a tournament, the captain and/or owner agrees that all anglers and occupants of their boat will abide by all tournament rules.

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